Retreat Format

Together with the Aspen Institute, Healthspottr is pleased to present the second annual Future Health 100 Retreat, a private, invitational gathering of unique innovators, investors, philanthropists and foundations, business and non-profit leaders, civic leaders and policy advocates who are dedicated to positive transformation of the healthcare industry. The Retreat convenes approximately 150 of the nation’s most influential and creative minds representing diverse fields and disciplines, among them: medicine, insurance, technology, private equity and venture capital, philanthropy, manufacturing, aviation, agriculture, retail, hospitality, design, advertising, media, academia and education. Many of our attendees are representatives of Healthspottr’s Future Health 100 Index, which is published in early summer.  The Retreat will expose participants to new disciplines and methods of thinking so they may reconsider their work with more flexible minds. Each element of our agenda is designed to help Retreat participants cultivate new ideas, new relationships and new opportunities for collaboration and success with one another. This is how Healthspottr supports its private- and public-sector community members, and helps them effect positive social change through better health, wellness and delivery-of-care in our society.


Retreat Goals

Provide a stimulating intellectual environment by exposing participants to thought-leading speakers and experts from both the public and private sectors and, importantly, from outside of the field of healthcare.

Facilitate unique opportunities for individuals to form new relationships among a diverse group of participants for their personal and professional development.

Create an invaluable environment for participants and participating organizations to identify and develop new opportunities for working with one another, and in particular, cross-sector collaborations.

Identify creative solutions and new models to impact a select healthcare challenge each year.

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